Solving Investigations & data forensics cases and providing the best solutions is what we do best. At TCS-Forensic, we love getting to the root of Investigation cases. Customers have come to know us for being reliable, fast, and efficient. Rarely do we come across a case we are unable to solve.

  • Private investigations                                     Contact us at 1-866-794-5710                                  
  • Surveillance
  • Security Bug Sweeps                                     Free Forensics Assessments
  • Corporation Investigations                             Clean Room Services
  • PC & MAC Forensics                                      Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Data Recovery                                             Corporate Accounts/Audits
  • Spyware & Virus Removal
  • Networking & Security
  • Software Solutions
  • Hardware Recovery
  • Drone Surveillance
  • Skiptracing & Background checks




 Telephony - Networking & Security

When you need Data hareware, Forensics, Investigation Servcies or  security concerns, count on us. From home offices and small businesses to complete office complexes, we are well-suited to provide effective network investigators and services.

  Data Recovery

There is nothing funny about losing information or being hacked. Using patented software, years of experience and the most effective tools available, we are able to recover all your data, uncover hidden data,  as long as it is recoverable.

 Virus, Spyware, Malware, Bug Removal

Our Investigations Department is one of the most experienced around. We will handle your case with pride and with professional Service. Computer viruses, Spyware, Tracers, & malware are perhaps the biggest problems computer users face. At TCS -Forensic, we are experts at compartmentalizing and removing infectious bugs that can damage hardware, slow your computer, or create data problems.

Call us at 1-866-794-5710 to speak with us about your Data Forensics or Investigation Service, needs and how we can help.