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At TCS -Forensic, we are Private Investigations/IT Forensics professionals with a serious side when it comes to Investigations and Data Forensics. You might call us light hearted Data physicians, minus the expensive malpractice insurance.


Operating since 1987, we have a solid reputation when it comes to Investigations/diagnosing Data/Forensics or network issues and finding solutions that bring things back to the good. Everyone on staff has their specialty but we also work in teams - a benefit to clients. We manage to do jobs faster and ensure they are done right. We are full service professional Investigation & data forenics company.


Forenics Professionals


Investigation Services


We speak plainly, are honest, and provide results that don't cost a fortune. With a small office, on-site services, and remote services available, we are better able to serve you and your schedule through experience.

Contact us at 1-866-794-5710 to speak to one of our Investigation experts.

Beaumont Texas / Dallas Texas / Denver Colorado
Phone:1-866-794-5710 | Info@TCS-Forensics.com